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Personalized Senior Care

Designed to meet your unique needs

Stratford Commons Rehabilitation and Health Care Center supports seniors’ independence and lifestyle.

Each resident and patient has unique needs. We address those by collaborating with you, your family, your primary physician, and team of specialists to create a personalized care plan or recovery and rehabilitation plan that is overseen by experienced, licensed health care professionals and our Medical Director.

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We integrate high-quality health care with a holistic wellness approach to offer the best possible recovery and more relaxing stays in our rehabilitation and health care center in Overland Park. 

Providing a serene environment for healing, Lotus renews the mind, body, and spirit. It’s simply a better way of getting better.

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Designed for patients with congestive heart failure, angina, arrythmia, and other related issues, Vigor specialists evaluate, treat, and provide education that leads to improved cardiac efficiency and increased strength, stamina and endurance.

On-site Cardiology Consultants provide education and evaluate the many intricacies of the heart, including underlying causes, medications, and lifestyle changes.

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Restaurant-Style Meals & Service

Meals are freshly prepared in-house

Not only do we pay attention to flavors, our fresh, healthy, gourmet menus focus on high nutrition and special dietary needs. Room service and healthy snacks are also available.

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Your Feedback is Welcome.

Could you take a moment to review us on Google? We believe in transparency and welcome your input. Take a look at what others say about Stratford Commons. Your feedback helps ensure our community continues to enhance seniors’ lives.

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